Magi Project


Sunday School - 9:30AM, 10:30AM Worship Service | Wednesday - 6:00PM

Magi project

Our Magi Project is often known in other places under names like an "Angel Tree Project."  We work with local social services providers to provide Christmas gifts for children who are in need.  After we get a list of names, we contact parents/responsible parties to find out the children's sizes, clothing needs, and toy preferences.  We then ask our members to select an ornament from a Christmas tree in our Lobby that represents each child.  When our volunteer shoppers return the gifts, we'll box and wrap them and deliver them to the right person.  While we put traditional Christmas labels on the gifts, we don't put anything in the "From:  " line, but rather allow the parents to enter anything they wish.  Often we provide the only gifts a child will receive that year.

This ministry has been led for many years by David & Sonjie Schwartz, who are always looking for more assistance!