What To Expect


It can be a bit unnerving visiting a new church for the first time, but we want to make the experiences as easy as possible for you. We try to create a comfortable atmosphere at the Herrin Church of Christ. Most people dress casually, although you'll see some in dresses or coats and ties. But no matter what they wear, people here are genuine with one another.

On Sunday mornings, we meet first in Bible study groups for all ages. One of our greeters will be glad to help you find a class you'd like. In class, you're free to make comments, ask questions, or just sit quietly and listen. We'll let you decide how involved you want to be.

After our Bible study classes, we gather in the auditorium for our worship service. It lasts about a hour and fifteen minutes. You'll probably see some things you recognize in other churches and some that are new to you. But most importantly, we hope our worship helps you draw closer to God. Don't worry if you don't know what to do. We'll explain what's about to happen and make it easy for guest and members to participate. Here's a few things that you'll see every Sunday morning.



We love to sing at the Herrin Church of Christ and every time we get together, we spend some time singing songs of encouragement and heart-felt worship. You might recognize some old favorites and hear some new songs as well. You'll probably discover pretty quickly that we don't have a piano, organ or band accompanying our singing. That may seem pretty unusual at first, but once you hear the voices of the whole assembly come together, you'll see why we love it so much. Actually, that's the way the Christian church sang for much of its history and we think its simple style helps focus on the powerful meaning of these songs.




We talk with God in prayer throughout our service, but probably the most meaningful time is when we pray for the special needs of people in our assembly. Members and guest are invited to write down prayer needs and if they wish, we'll share them with the congregation and pray together for all those needs. It's one of the most engaging moments in our worship and if you'd like us to pray for you or someone you love, we invite you to share your need with us.




Each Sunday we all participate in the Lord's Supper. In the Bible, Jesus took bread and wine and told his followers to eat and drink it regularly to remember him. Each week, we invite all Christians to eat and drink with us and remember that Jesus died to take away our sin. We pass plates with small pieces of bread and cups of grape juice around the auditorium. It gives us a chance to reflect on Jesus and to share something special with one another.




We know children often have a hard time paying attention in worship. That's why we offer special programs for children under thirteen.  We have a staffed nursery for those three and under.  Just drop off your infant and we'll make sure he or she is well taken care of while you particiapte in our worship service.  We also have  a special worship service called Route 252 for all our four through ten year olds.  We'll announce when they will be dismissed from our assembly and you can pick up your child after worship. There is also a cry room for mothers who wish to stay with their infants.




Each week we take up a contribution to help us care for our church family and our community. All of our efforts are funded fully from the free-will offerings of our members, but we never ask or expect our guests to give. Your presence here is a big enough gift for us, so feel free to pass the plate on by when we take up the contribution. Better stiil...we encourage all our visitors to fill out a visitors card and drop it in the plate as it passes by. No you won't be put on a mailing list. It's just another way for us to get to know you.




Roddy Tate is our preacher and each Sunday he shares a thirty minute lesson from the Bible. In each lesson, Phil helps us apply the ancient teachings from Scripture to modern day life and you're sure to leave with some ideas to help make your week better.  The audio recordings of some past sermons are available here.




We know it's a temptation to hurry out after the end of the worship service, but if you do you'll be missing one of the best things about the Church of Christ at Herrin. We're a warm, friendly group that is always eager to meet new friends. And we'll do all the work for you. Someone is sure to come up to you and introduce themselves. They'll probably even show you the pictures of their grandchildren. But after a few minutes, you'll stop feeling like a visitor and discover the joy of belonging to a Christ-centered church.


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