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The Mission Statement for the Herrin Church of Christ


Helping people become fully devoted, involved followers of Christ, grounded in faith, known by love and a voice of hope.


Helping people become

God's church is all about becoming something wonderful.  We all are stained with hurts and pains, bad choices and regrets.  Sometimes their effects seem permanent, but Scripture says we can be transformed to be like God.  Our mission is to help people know that positive change is possible and God is eager to make it happen.

fully devoted, involved followers of Christ

Jesus called people to follow him.  That means a lot more than to believe in him or accept his forgiveness.  It means giving up control of our lives and willingly being shaped by him.  The early followers left jobs, family, social status and even risked their own lives to follow Jesus.  He asks nothing less of us.  Making that kind of sacrifice requires the support and encouragement of others, so God calls his followers to be part of a community of people who are making the same decision. Involvement in that community helps us continue following  when we would rather set our own course.

grounded in faith

Belief that Jesus is God's Son, that he was executed on a cross and came back to life days later is the foundation of our decision to be followers of Jesus.  He was the voice of creation, and the story of God's plan from Scripture shapes our understanding of the world and ourselves. CLICK HERE to see more of our core beliefs. 

known by love

The most prevalent plea in Scripture is for God's people to exhibit a sacrificial love modeled after God's own amazing love for us.  "While we were sinners, God loved us," and we are called to love others in such a powerful way that people will stop and take note and come to know God.

and a voice of hope

Hope - that is a powerful word. It means that no matter how desperate the situation looks, we have reason to expect good to come.  No one is beyond the hope God can provide and as His church in this community we proclaim the message of God's home for everyone. 


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