Core Beliefs

The Bible serves as our authoritative source for understanding God and his vision for humanity.  The following truths are found throughout Scripture and are the foundation for what we believe as a church.

The All-Powerful God

He has always existed, and His power and wisdom are without limits. Our creation gives a glimpse of what He can do. He is so awesome that the word "fear" is used to describe humanity's reaction to Him, but to those who are his children, fear is replaced with love.


The Authority of Scripture

Without the Bible, we would not know God's wonderful plan. It was God's way of letting us know what he has in store for us and is expecting of us. Because God authored it, Scripture perfectly gives us what we need to please Him.


Jesus, God in the Flesh

God has visited this planet! He took the form of a human, but many who met him knew that he was more than flesh and blood. He came to show us God. In death, he suffered the punishment we deserved and in his resurrection he gives us hope for eternal life.


The Gospel - God's Rescue Plan

God has always had a plan. Our disobedience deserves death, but Jesus took our punishment. Now God invites all to live and he desires to live in all through his Spirit. That plan is called "good news" and was spread throughout the world. Trust him with your future, follow his call for your life, change your worldview to see life and sin God's way and be washed clean in baptism.  


God's Mission for His Church

Christianity has always been about community and as a community of believers, we strive to fulfill the mission God gave us: To reach in the lives of fellow believers with encouragement, support, shared worship and deeper spiritual growth and to reach out to those who have not become followers of Jesus with story and witness of God's love. As individuals and as a supportive group, we work together to fulfill this calling.


The Daily Support of God’s Spirit

Life can be hard and God knows it. That’s why he promised his ongoing presence and support.  Scripture calls that presence God’s Spirit.  His presence is so near that we say he lives within us, guiding, comforting, convicting and giving us peace in life’s tumultuous moments.  As followers of Jesus, we are never without his help.


A Secure Hope for God's People

We wish we could promise a life with no struggles, but God never promised that.  He did assured us that he would be with us and would sustain us.  And ultimately, he promised to give us victory over all we face. Yes, there is a heaven - a time and place where God will make everything right.  He promises to bring us home to be with him forever and everything in his plan culminates in that event. We live and serve to hear him say, "Well done" on the day he returns.

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